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Privacy policy

1.Compliance with laws and regulations

We will comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and other related laws and guidelines.

2.Privacy protection / Continuous improvement

Regarding the handling of personal information, we will protect personal information by establishing internal guidelines and specific rules for each department, and we will make continuous improvements as necessary.

3.Acquisition and use of personal information

We will implement the following rules regarding acquisition and use of personal information based on our privacy-protection measures.

  1. We will collect, use and provide personal information appropriately and comply with laws and regulations and other norms.
  2. When acquiring personal information, we will take measures to notify the appropriate party of the "purpose of use" by in advance.

4.Disclosure of personal information, corrections, additions to or deletions from contents, suspension of use and related matters

If a customer wants to add new information or correct existing information, we will respond promptly. Regarding procedures necessary to make such additions and/or corrections, we reserve the right to confirm that the party making the request is the actual customer (not a third party), which could delay the addition and/or correction process.

5.Compliance with laws and regulations

  1. We will strictly manage customers’ personal information and take preventive measures against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, leakage and/or falsification of such information.
  2. We will appoint an information-management manager for each department to supervise compliance with all rules and ensure their effectiveness through management training.

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