Refine Industry

The Yokohama Metal Group refines
gold, silver and other precious metals.
From precious-metal scrap to rare metals, leave it to us!

We provide end-to-end coordination of rare-metals refining and recovery of precious-metal scrap containing Au, Pt, Pd and Ag.
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Refined and recovered product examples

Gold-plated parts

Mounted and printed circuit boards

Gold-plated connectors

Other recovered
  • Precious-metal wires, plates, sheets,
    claddings and brazing filler metal
  • Deposition scrap
  • Chip-resistor scrap
  • Precious-metal paste
  • Precious-metal powder
  • Clad materials
  • Target materials
  • Waste-cloth scraps
  • Rare metals and rare earths
  • Gold- and silver-plating scrap
  • Electronic materials, ICs
  • Thermocouples
  • Plated flexible circuit boards
  • Others

Transaction Flow

1. Quotation Process (2~3 weeks)
2. Payment Flow (return of bullion) (1~2 months)


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